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This movie sucked.

By: lewismusgrove88
I wanted to like The Nun but damn this movie was garbage. Sure it was shot nicely and the acting was fine, but good grief the story was dull as dish water. Full of cheap scares and a dumb, dragging plot. The nun character was far scarier in The Conjuring movies.

Underrated with Fake One or Two Line "Reviews"

By: claudio_carvalho
In 1952, in Romania, a nun hangs herself to escape from an evil force. When the peasant Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet) finds her body, the Vatican sends the priest Burke (Demián Bichir) and the novice Irene (Taissa Farmiga) to the abbey to investigate the case. They team-up with Frenchie and soon Frenchie and Burke are is attacked by a demon. Irene learns that Burke is tormented for killing a boy in an exorcism. On the next morning, Irene is accepted in the abbey and learns that there is a gate to hell in the catacombs. Meanwhile Burke finds that a demon called Valak has unleashed through a breach. Now they have to seal the breach with the blood of Christ to trap Valak inside the gate.

"The Nun" is an underrated horror movie with fake one or two line "reviews" that IMDb has accepted this year, giving credibility zero to this site that was a reference in the past together with Rotten Tomatoes. The cinematography is magnificent, the atmosphere is spooky and the cast has good performances. Unfortunately the plot has a big flaw, since the powerful Valak has many chances to possess Irene as a vessel to leave the abbey but lures her many times instead. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Freira" ("The Nun")

The Nun: Actually managed to be worse than I expected

By: Platypuschow
The Nun is the latest movie in the Conjuring "Universe" and stars franchise lead female Vera Fermiga's sister Taissa.

It tells essentially the origin story of The Conjuring 2 (2016) nun antagonist and truth be told was one which I had high hopes for despite my opinion on the rest of the universe.

The previous movies being Conjuring 1/2 and Annabelle 1/2 accumulated from me a total of 14/40 potential stars so I think its sufficed to say that they haven't exactly blown me away.

I've claimed for years that when it comes to horror Hollywood have thoroughly lost their way and The Nun has done nothing to change my mind. From the Conjuring to Insidious all the high budgeted Hollywood horrors are glossy cliched messes.

Being that I consider "The Nun" to be a suitably creepy and well designed character I figured the movie would at least look the part! When the setting turned out to be a creepy old convent I was positively salivating. What incredible potential this movie had! Now all it needed was some passable writing and we could have a modern day classic here.

Sadly there is no passable writing, there is mindless Hollywood writing. No consistency, no structure, no intelligence just a clusterpoop of random imagery and stupidity.

Potential hobbled, tarred, feathered and kicked down 7 sets of stairs.

The Good:

The "Nun" herself is excellent

The Bad:

Bland cast

Poorly constructed plot

Everything you fear from Hollywood horror

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Hollywood know how to drop the ball like nobody else

If this had been an indie movie it would have been considerably better

All the talent in the Farmiga family went to Vera

If Jesus ever actually returned and saw crosses everywhere I'm pretty sure he'd have a nervous breakdown

what on earth did I watch..

By: tayo-nguyen
Don't be fooled by the marketing and trailers, pure baits. A total let down, first the technical issues with direction, screenplay and pacing. I didn't bother following the storyline because the scenes didn't transition too well with me. Skip this movie, i wouldn't hire this director again if there will be another iteration.

Absolutely crap

By: bambilegs-631-513288
Omg this film is absolutely terrible was so looking forward to this film I love James wan franchise they need to stop these spin offs unless James wan is the director ????????

Oozing with atmosphere

By: kluseba
I don't care about The Conjuring series but decided to watch The Nun nonetheless because it takes place in Romania, has both religious and occult elements and is set in an old monastery surrounded by a gloomy graveyard, dense forest and isolated village.

The film turned out being entertaining from start to finish, didn't overstay its welcome with a very reasonable length of ninety-six minutes and oozed with sinister atmosphere. The film doesn't only rely on the usual jump scares but has extended atmospheric passages that increase tension towards the end. The dramatic climax and falling action make for a final third that was among the most entertaining in horror cinema of recent memory. Another positive point are the characters as Father Burke intrigues as experienced veteran with a gloomy past while Sister Irene convinces as charming, intelligent and resilient young woman and the French farmer charms with his gentle manners. The three characters investigating a supernatural phenomenon complement one another perfectly. The acting performances are also very solid.

The only thing I would have done differently are the two references to the Conjuring franchise right at the exposition of the film and at the unnecessary resolution. The Nun is good enough to stand on its own and doesn't need these references. I would even go as far to say that this movie is actually better than the somewhat exchangeable main franchise.

If you like atmospheric horror movies with great characters and very good actresses and actors, The Nun will certainly entertain you from start to finish. You don't need to be familiar with The Conjuring to appreciate and understand this film. The Nun turned out much better than I expected and is the best horror movie I have seen so far this year.

Creepy and scary, exactly what I wanted!

By: naomimuldrew27
I honestly thought this was much better than I was expecting. After reading reviews on here, I was not that fussed on seeing it but I'm so glad I did! It has good jump scares and is generally creepy all round. Go watch it!

It is a great horror movie !

By: pabdar90
Well good, scary as no other horror to date. Can not really understand where all this negative reviews and rating coming from ??? Come on people really ? Do we see the same movie in the theatre ?

Horror In the best tradition of Wan

By: cuprikov_pavel
I don't know why so many people hate the new movie about the nun, but it's obviously stupid, the movie is made in the best traditions of Wan, horror, suspense ,attention to details, inventive and screaming , but it still works in contrast to the astral 4. My hair was moving even in the feet! If anyone was bored then go to a Comedy and don't listen to haters, they wish that the horrors becoming marvel with the endless laughter and chromakey!!!

The Exorcist+Salem's Lot+The Ju-On+Dracula+Boogey Man=The Nun

By: hilaryswank2011
The producer of this The Conjuring franchise (2013-2018: total 5 films), James Wan who is well know for SAW franchise (2004-2017; total 8 films) is no doubt that the best horror filmmaker in the present film industries.

You can find the image of The Nun is extremely similar to Mr. Barlow in The Salem's Lot (1979). The Nun is un doubted that it imitated Mr. Barlow's monster image.

However, this film overly used jump scary tricks throughout the entire film with heavy sound effects which cause head ache among audiences.

Moreover, the script logic is problematic that when Father Burke and Sister Irene investigate the Romanian ancient Carta Monastery, the first encounter with the Abbess and easy acceptance of stay at the attached convent is too careless, and unusual when Frenchie who was a food supplier to the nuns said the place has been cursed and no body close the territory.

Its plotting sloppiness itself is a miracle to link not logically gathered pieces of sequences that follow.

Especially Father Burke and Sister Irene blindly believe and treat the dead nuns as live people is another miracle narrative fabrication.

Audience is hard to be persuaded in this logical failure.

Besides these, other fatal logical failure is that additional inserted episode of failed exorcism on Daniel, by this episode, the director Corin Hardy tried to make comparison and linkage with Father Lankester Merrin of The Exorcist (1973), or Father Morning of The Exorcist III (1990).

On the contrary, the exorcism of Valak / The Nun is unexpectedly not fully engaged between Father Burke and Valak / The Nun.

For jumping scare, this trick is from The Ju-On (2004: US). And it's heavily used to scare audiences.

This is directorial sin in this film. However, you have to mention that there are truly scary spooky atmosphere, well crafted Gothic art solutions, acting is also realistic, no sloppy acting.

Furthermore, Dracula-like story setting in Romania with minimal characters involved is something cinematic and make audiences to expect horrific Gothic horror taste of this film.

The true horror film principle is described by Christopher Lee, 'Don't show a monster too many times. It should be kept in minimal. True horror is that something makes you scare to open the door psychologically, e.g. The Haunting (1963).

Sean S. Cunningum also mentioned the minimalist theory of horror filmmaking. Moreover, he referred the solution of JAWS(1975) is its example.

In The Nun (2018), the best solution is when Father Burke feels Valak watching their arrival to the monastery and it shows a quick short cutaway of Valak leaving from the window.

Castle of Dracula? It's Carta Monastery.

Although there are actual advantages of this film in art dimensions, this is a religious/ Catholic propaganda film, and every thing the protagonists should do is pray, pray and pray......And the Catholic warriors' massacre is justified through this religious propaganda.

And the blood of Jesus is a science fictional device to end Valak. The Nuns pray for The Nun, pray for the box office hit. Just only pray for God to save themselves.

Surprised by all the negative review

By: carmendanielapatrascu
Let me just start by saying that, from my point of view, whoever rated this movie so low or where dissapointed by that fact that it wasn't scary enough, MUST HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT A DIFFERENF MOVIE! Are you serious? I literally jumped out of the chair more than a few times. I am a true horror fan and I don't get easily scared by horror movies. Trust me, I'm the type of person who watches horror movies just tp relax. The film was scary, James Wan delivered what he promised. Great prequal (or spinoff) of the conjuring movies. Taissa Farmiga was great as sister Irene. And the actress playing the nun? Oh my God, she did such a good job on scarying the s*** out of her audience. How this movie has such a low rating is beyond my comprehension. Conclusin: don't listen to all the negative reviews, go see it yourself and be the judge of it.

Not sure what everyone is so pissed about.

By: Symbiossys
I just saw the movie this weekend, at 4DX 2D, and I can tell you truthfully I had tons of fun. We went with some friends, after ignoring all the negative and bad reviews over the web. We even heard some of our friends who had already seen the movie, bashing it with negatives, but we decided to go anyway.

I am not a sucker for horror movies, let's just sort that one out, but I loved the previous two Conjuring movies, and had also seen Annabelle. I didn't like Annabelle as much as I did like The Nun. It was something new, a new touch to the story, and although it wasn't directed by James Wan, it was still good!

Yes, it has a lot of jump scares, sometimes predictable, sometimes not, but it's still fun. The rush you feel when the chair you're sitting in starts jerking chaotically and the characters in front of you scream in fear, that's what I was looking for. After all you go to a movie to have fun, not to judge and analyze every bit of it. What would it become of a movie, if everything would be perfect and carefully thought through. I enjoyed the story, even if it felt a bit rushed in the beginning. The eerie feeling the movie gives you, represents a big plus as well. You feel isolated and alone throughout the whole experience, and it makes you feel better when other characters join the action, and the band gets back together. I mean, a priest, a nun who hasn't pledged herself to becoming a full nun and a farmer, well. How bad could this trio be? Let me tell you, they fit perfectly. Although the Nun herself, or let's say Valak, didn't have much screen time, except toward the end, you still felt her/his presence throughout the movie.

Overall a fun and enjoyable ride. A few cliché moments, but still good toward the end. Great effects and a total blast seen at 4DX 2D.

So, if you enjoy horror movies, and you're not one of those fellas who goes to the movie with a pencil and a notebook in his hand, in order to analyze and criticize everything he sees, you're good to go. You'll have fun.

this movie sucks

By: ccindy-12952
If i could, i would rate it -10 out of 10 because there is absolutely no story line, all the jump scares made me laugh; they tried to start a romance in a horror movie; this movie leaves you with more questions than it answered

Walked out laughing

By: stangdaddy
This movie sucked its a jump flick at best easily worst horror movie ive ever seen


By: seandcarroll
I saw this movie earlier today. Sadly, it was so awful, a few people left the cinema. I wasted 10 Euro. Could have had a beer instead.

Definitely worth the time!

By: blakegill
In a time where found footage and torture porn films are considered scary it was nice to see a good old fashioned ghost story. The conjuring series is a good one and the Nun is no exception. A nice eerie tone with a couple of twists make it an instant classic. If you're a fan of the conjuring series you'll enjoy it. If you are looking for nudity and gore, maybe worth a pass.

Worth my time. Enjoyed it.!!

By: sanimsadiq7
I went in with zero expectation after reading mixed reviews, but ended up loving it. Suspenseful story, spooky bacground music, good scares, brilliant acting and an amazing audience. (Pop corn was good too). We received pure entertainment that a horror movie can give.

The Nun

By: gareth-robinson407
Was there a plot? NunWere there any scares? NunAny good acting? NunAny reason to go see this movie? Nun

Creepy movie with great setting and sound.

By: Daliibor
I thought this was the creepiest movie of the conjuring franchise as the setting of this movie made it all that much more creepier especially down in the catacombs. I did not find any comedy in this movie at all except maybe one line near the beginning other then that i have no idea how people are finding this movie comical. Great atmosphere, good tension in certain areas, and the setting for this movie make it the most freakiest movie to me in the conjuring universe and top 3 scariest of all time for me. The plot was good, not great but horror movies tend to have a simple plot in my opinion after seeing so many. I feel like the movie could have been better by having less jump scare scenes but those scenes I thought were great in my opinion. This movie deserves to be watched in absolute silence as theres only 3 main characters and not a lot of talking takes place. There is dialogue but not as much as you would think. You either will like this movie or hate it I feel like but to me I liked it a lot as not a lot of horror movies have great scenery and atmosphere to go with the movie and wow this movie definitely does in my opinion. The abbey itself is creepy and so is the graveyard plus the lack of lighting(candles basically) add more depth. I say go see it and review it yourself as I seen some reviews here that I feel like are way off from the movie I seen.

I don't know why people are spreading negativity

By: spreetamnaik
It's a very good movie and does Justice to it's genre. Pretty good movie please go and watch. I absolutely loved it !